My favourite book

I notice that we have been
spending a lot of time together;
sitting together in class and
eating lunch and
walking down hallways,
our fingers colliding together before we
snatch them away and

Your skin is like the soft edges of a flame
I know if I touch you I’ll burn and
still my body screams in your presence
Like the Earth and the sun I am stuck
in your orbit
but I dream of breaking free and
falling into you

I start to dread spending time with you
I fear that you will hear
the thrum under my chest
my heart keeping time with your smile
and I want to see, suddenly,
what’s under your shirt
do you have freckles or a birthmark?
I want to know

You reach for my hand
and I am shaken;
is this the love that I read about?
Our fingers and our legs intertwine and
you hold me like I’m not the woman you love
but the one who could save you;
is this the love that I need?

My head rests on your chest
and the low vibrations of your laugh
and the steady beat of your heart
ground me;
it’s 3am and we’ve been up too long.
You tell me about your father and
I tell you about my favourite book
and I show it to you and you leave with it;
and I wonder if you’ll love it,
an extension of me.



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Jade Gatsby

Jade Gatsby

Pretending I’m the main character